Glenn Beck calls George Soros “a dark lord”

Beck: “He’s always connected to these things”

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Citation From the June 10, 2020, edition of BlazeTV's GlennTV

GLENN BECK (HOST): When was the last time you paid attention to who's running your local district attorney? I'd be willing to bet most of us have never thought "gee, I wonder what's happening in the exciting D.A. race this year." I hate to do this again but you really, literally, can't research or look into any of these things without running into, yes, spooky dude himself. Look, I tried. I really tried. But he's always connected to these things. He's a dark lord. He just is. 

George Soros has been buying district attorneys all over the country since at least 2015. He's poured millions into trying to reshape the justice system. He can't do it at the federal level, so he switched gears and went directly to the states. Oh, and by the way, he's also funding BLM.