Is the Glenn Beck ad boycott really about “censorship” and “free speech” ?

That's what claims:

The pressure on advertisers has become a politically charged debate about the right to free speech, censorship and what constitutes hate speech.

That's a rather dramatic, misinformed, and GOP-friendly spin to the put on the unfolding story. Do editors at not understand what “censorship” means in terms of free speech? Because if they did they certainly wouldn't use it in connection to an advertising boycott story. (Of course, only the government can censor free speech.)

The outlines of the story are pretty simple. Glenn Beck said some hateful things on his Fox News show and activists began contacting advertisers urging them not to be associated with that kind of hate. To date, nearly two dozen companies have pulled their ads off Beck's show.

If wants to take another stab at it, we'd sure love to hear how any of that is even remotely connected to “censorship” and questions of “free speech.” Because as of right now, Beck has the right to say whatever he wants on his show. And advertisers have the right not to support him.

Where's the “censorship” ?