Fox's Glenn Beck is now an infomercial for Beck's radio sponsors

Last night, Glenn Beck made clear that his Fox News show is little more than an infomercial for his radio sponsors, as he plugged without disclosing that the company is one of his paid radio sponsors.

Claiming that “somebody told me the other day” that “the average home in America has $25,000 worth of stuff they don't need or don't use, lying around,” Beck declared that he will “downsize” the “stuff” in his home and “put it up on”

Incidentally, CEO Trevor Milton -- a paid Beck advertiser dating to at least January 2010 -- told a Las Vegas Fox affiliate in June of last year that “most families have an average of $25,000 worth of junk just sitting there, which is incredible because you'd never think that” (at the 1:36 mark).

This is the latest in a pattern of Beck using his Fox News show to promote his paid radio sponsors without disclosure while invoking fears and promising salvation in the face of impending doom.

Does Beck's constant fearmongering about hyperinflation scare you? No problem, buy (overpriced) gold coins from his sponsor, Goldline!

Worried that, as Beck says, food inflation will soon make food unaffordable? Well, Beck has a product to sell to you: Another of his radio sponsors, Food Insurance. Come to think of it, Beck mentioned, once you sell your “stuff” on, the money can be used to pay for “extra groceries and add food storage!”

Perhaps Glenn Beck should be moved from Fox News to the Home Shopping Network.

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From the November 15 edition of Glenn Beck:

A radio ad for from the November 11 edition of The Glenn Beck Program:

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