Faith group running radio ads calling out Beck for his attacks on social justice

From a July 15 press release from Faith in Public Life:

Glenn Beck is being followed on his national tour this summer by a Christian radio ad calling out the Fox News host for attacking churches that preach about social justice.

Faithful America, an online community of more than 100,000 people of faith, is sponsoring the ads, which will run in cities Beck visits on his national summer tour, beginning with his July 31st event in Westbury, NY and continuing through later stops in New Jersey, Washington, DC, and South Carolina.

Listen to the full ad here.

Beck has frequently used his television and radio programs to distort the Christian commitment to social justice, a central principle of Christianity rooted in Biblical values and also emphasized in diverse religious traditions.

In March, the host urged his listeners to leave their churches if pastors talked about social or economic justice. Even after prominent clergy from across the faith and ideological spectrum refuted his arguments, Beck has continued his smear campaign by equating social justice with Marxism and Nazism.

“Would you support a leader who said Jesus' teachings can lead to Nazism or who attacks Christian pastors for preaching the full Gospel? Then why do so many Christians tune in to Glenn Beck?” the ad asks.

Beck also recently alleged that the Jewish concept of the common good led to the Holocuaust, saying, “This is exactly the kind of talk that led to the death camps in Germany.” Faithful America is airing the ad on Christian stations to reach viewers and listeners who frequently tune into Beck's programs. While Beck may think he speaks for Christians, thousands have signed petitions rejecting his views and expressing their outrage. The ads are part of Faithful America's “Driven by Faith, Not by Fear” campaign, an effort to counter the fear, lies and hateful rhetoric of extreme pundits and the Tea Party.


Beck attacks social justice