“Faction” writer Beck proposes “factional” solution to Gulf oil spill ... Paging Michael Bay

Glenn Beck -- whose "factional" novel The Overton Window hit bookshelves this week to ridicule and scathing reviews -- has had no shortage of offensive comments to offer in attacking the Obama administration over the BP oil spill, including a blistering attack mocking Obama's 11-year-old daughter (Beck later apologized) and revisiting his controversial claim that Obama was racist. But at the end of the day, Beck just wishes Obama would act more like Clint Eastwood did in that one movie starring Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis -- but not, incidentally, Clint Eastwood.

As Media Matters noted, Beck has described The Overton Window as a work of “faction,” meaning it is “completely fictional,” yet rooted in “fact.” It is in that gray area between make-believe and reality that Glenn Beck developed his very own solution to the Gulf oil crisis. After criticizing Frances Beinecke, president of National Resources Defense Council, and other members of Obama's commission to study ways to prevent future oil spills, Beck complained on today's show:

How about we get some real engineers? How about we -- I mean, have you seen the movie? What was the one where they wrote that stupid movie with Clint Eastwood where they got on the asteroid? They got people that were working on oil rigs. What do you think we get some of those guys together?

Now, it's entirely possible that the “completely fictional” movie that Beck wants rooted in the “fact” of a massive Gulf oil spill is Eastwood's Space Cowboys. In that film, Eastwood's character leads a team of retired NASA pilots to repair an orbiting satellite that is failing. Since that film has nothing to do with “people who were working on oil rigs,” let's assume that Beck was instead referring to Armageddon, the Bruce Willis vehicle in which a team of oil drillers are sent into space with a nuclear weapon that they must bury and detonate in order to destroy an asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth. Come to think of it, can we get some of those guys together again?

Then again, maybe when you're dealing in “faction,” it doesn't matter who was in what movie. The point is, don't ever tease the panther.