Ethnic stereotypes abound in Beck's immigration timeline

The chapter in Beck's new book, Arguing with Idiots, that deals with illegal immigration is really something to behold. Subtitled “The chapter Americans just won't write,” it's little more than 18 pages of Mexico-bashing that have been peppered with little insets that parody NBC's "The More You Know" public service announcements. In these insets, the familiar shooting star of the NBC graphic has been replaced with a cartoon sombrero:

You start to think that Beck's only understanding of Mexican culture comes from Speedy Gonzales.

Anyway, the immigration timeline is the real star of the chapter, as it features cartoonish Mexicans wearing sombreros and absurdly thick mustaches, and a cartoon of a Chinese takeout container that's meant to represent -- you guessed it -- Chinese immigrants:

It's amusing that Beck, right above the timeline, writes that what “will get you labeled an intolerant xenophobe the fastest” is pointing out that the vast majority of undocumented immigrants to the U.S. are Mexican. Faster than stuffing your book with sombrero-clad Mexicans and other ethnic stereotypes, it would appear.