At CPAC, Glenn Beck says the Bernie Sanders “revolution” will lead to “another Holocaust”

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Citation From the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference:

GLENN BECK: You can tell by the people [Bernie Sanders] surrounds himself with. Have you looked at that? The self-proclaimed communist. The founders and leaders of antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street. Yes, the modern versions of the Weather Underground terrorist organization are all on his campaign staff. These are not grassroot groups of Democrats, they are Marxist revolutionaries who believe in nothing short of the complete overthrow of the United States and destruction of the Constitution and the free market system. 

And, please, let us stop calling them Bernie bros. Because they are not my brother. They are not something that is funny. They are Bernie Bolsheviks. They are Bernie Brownshirts. That’s what they are. And their revolution will result in death and misery. Another Holodomor. Or another Holocaust. Or whatever we call the next great socialist atrocity. 

This fight is not new. The world has been here before. People like you and me have been battling this for generations. Our fathers and grandfathers, they fought the socialists in Germany and the communists in Russia -- World War II. But in a way, they kind of had it easy. I mean, in their time, the bad guys wore black US, or -- SS uniforms made by Hugo Boss and had little funny mustaches. But our bad guys come off just as crotchety humanity professors whining about “class warfare and how crappy white people treated the Native Americans.”

We have to stop pretending that socialism and its modern prophets are innocent or comedic or sideshows or just another choice, and the ghosts of over 100 million dead victims of Marxist ideology cry out to us in this generation from their blood-soaked graves to remind us this isn’t a joke, this is the fight of our lives. This time it’s our turn. Today is our day. Today is the time. This, as Reagan said, is our point of choosing. We are called upon to carry the cross, dare I say it, of freedom and liberty for one another. For our friends and our neighbors and our kids and our grandkids. For every person that we’ve never even met before who has lived without the blessing of liberty. And for the future generations here, and in Venezuela, and everywhere else who deserve freedom. 

Make no mistake, we are at war. And may it forever remain a cold war. But it is a war that has been going on for a long time and the next enemy wave is right here at our gates, they are inside of our gates. And no matter how the media spins this, they’re not harmless grumpy grandpas. They’re not. They’re armed with pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, and guns. They are here for revolution. The one one of their professors have been telling them is just around the corner. They believe it. They may be armed with rocks and bombs and guns, but we must arm ourselves with the most effective weapon mankind has in its arsenal: Courage and truth.