CNN Gives Glenn Beck Airtime To Push For GOP To Move Debate To His Far Right Network, The Blaze

From the November 5 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon:

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DON LEMON: So, why would you make a better debate host, on The Blaze, than the other people have done so far?

GLENN BECK: Well, I will tell you this, I thought Anderson Cooper did an unbelievable job. It thought it was one of the best debates I've ever seen, when Anderson did the Democratic debates. I thought he was fair, and he was hard hitting. I thought about the CNBC debates, I thought they were extraordinarily cheap, petty, ridiculous, how much time do we have to spend with picking fights with one another, and asking silly questions about fantasy football. The people who are voting for the Republicans, this is a primary. So the people who are voting for these guys want to note the real issues. They want to know the answers to the real issues. And what makes these guys different from one another. 

LEMON:  But some people would say, you know, oh it's kind of whiny, you can't pick the whole thing. Because even in the GOP, the fight to reform this, there's a fight to reform the debate process. But Chris Christie, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, they say stop complaining. And should the format --

BECK: Oh yeah, no no no -- So does Ted Cruz, so does Bobby Jindal. 

LEMON: Should it be a different format? 

BECK: They all are. I'm not -- I want you to know, nobody's complaining about the questions are too hard, in fact just the opposite. I was recommending that we do a debate where the questions are very, very focused. I would be a moderator, but I would not be asking all of the questions per se. I think people like Elon Musk should ask questions on the future of the economy. I think Thomas Sowell should ask questions about the economy. I think we should get Robbie George from Princeton, to talk about faith and the Constitution. And ask very difficult, hard-hitting questions that we can actually educate ourselves and see what the difference is. Nobody's complaining. In fact, we're suggesting a much more difficult debate.


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