Black Helicopters: Napolitano and Gasparino claim Obama is “bringing back the draft”

One day after concocting the conspiracy theory that health care reform would help President Obama staff a civilian army with doctors, Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Fox Business' Charles Gasparino in likening the provision -- which would supplement a 200-year-old public health corps with a reserve corps -- to “bringing back the draft.”

This is not an April Fools' joke. Napolitano, who was sitting in for Glenn Beck, and Gasparino claimed that Obama was “bringing back the draft” in order to staff his civilian army with doctors conscripted to serve as federal employees. Like in Great Britain.

From today's Glenn Beck:

NAPOLITANO: And there is this crazy thing in there, Charlie, about the reserve corps, the 6,000-person corps that the president can put together. He can conscript doctors from the state National Guard and make them work for the federal government.

GASPARINO: He's bringing back the draft.

NAPOLITANO: He almost is bringing back -- I mean, where is that going to go? Are we going to get to a system like Great Britain where the health care providers are employees of the government?

The provision in question would establish and provide funding for a reserve corps to supplement the Commissioned Corps, which traces its history to John Adams and responds to public health emergencies, such as terrorist and anthrax attacks, hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the 2006 Hawaiian earthquake.