Beck still not “totally upfront” about using Fox to promote sponsors of his radio show

This week, Glenn Beck announced on his Fox News program that he is “tired of ringing the bell” and that “this program is going to start focusing on answers, on things that you can do.” On Monday, Beck revealed his plans to go around his house and sell half of his “stuff” on (a craigslist-type website) and encouraged his viewers to downsize as well in order to "prepare" for the trouble that's coming.

We noted that Beck neglected to mention that is a sponsor of Beck's radio show. In fact, the pitch he was making on Fox is the same pitch made by the CEO of Upillar to promote his business. On Tuesday, Beck continued to encourage viewers to sell some of their stuff online, but this time he said:

Now, I'm -- to be totally upfront with you, I'm using UPillar because they happen to be a sponsor of my radio show and I know the guy who started UPillar. I think the guy is a genius. You can use whatever you want. You can sell it on eBay or craigslist or whatever.

But if Beck is going to be “totally upfront” with his viewers (and with the people at Fox who don't see a dime of the money sponsors pay to Beck's radio show), he's going to have to acknowledge on Fox that is also one of his radio sponsors. See, Beck is encouraging his followers to take the money they gain from selling their stuff and “invest it in food storage”:

  • BECK: What could you do with $5,000? However much you have. $1,000. $500. Could you buy extra food? Would it put you in a position to be more prepared? Please, talk to your family tonight. Find out. [Fox News' Glenn Beck, 11/15/10]
  • BECK: Think about what you could do with $5,000 to prepare. Could you pay down your debt? Could you buy extra groceries and add food storage? Could you have an extra cushion just in case you lose your job? You must begin to start thinking out of the box. Now, if you're doing OK right now, could you sell that stuff and could the extra money allow you to be somebody with a lifeboat instead of one holding the sign? [Fox News' Glenn Beck, 11/15/10]
  • BECK: Get the clutter out of your life. And then, I ask you to please use that money wisely. Invest it. Invest it in food storage. Have the extra on hand, because we need to be a shelter for others. [Fox News' Glenn Beck, 11/16/10]

Beck has also been fearmongering about rising food prices and said on Monday that “later this week,” he will be further discussing “food storage.” He should disclose his financial relationship with Food Insurance if he wants to be “totally upfront” about this synergy he's orchestrated between his radio sponsors, his Fox News program, and his apocalyptic rhetoric.