Beck Recycles Old Warnings To Claim That Egypt And Tunisia Uprisings Are “The Coming Insurrection”

Today, Glenn Beck claimed that “the coming insurrection is here,” explaining, “I believe that Tunisia may have been the Archduke Ferdinand moment that I have been warning about.”

Warning about it? Not to put too fine a point on it, but Beck has been obsessing over an obscure book titled The Coming Insurrection and the Archduke Ferdinand moment the past few years. He's stoked fears about the “coming insurrection” on no fewer than 19 episodes of his Fox News show since he stumbled upon it in 2009, warning:

It is a brand new book. It is a dangerous book. It is called “The Coming Insurrection” -- “The Coming Insurrection.”

It is written by the Invisible Committee that calls for violent revolution; an anonymous group from France -- of all places -- called the Invisible Committee penned it. They want to bring down capitalism and the western way of life. This started in France and started to spread to countries like Greece and Iceland, where people are out of work, out of money and out of patience. Now, it's about to come here to America. [Fox News, 7/1/09, via Nexis]

In October 2010, Beck connected Soros and Obama to the secret plot for violent revolution laid out in the book, saying that Obama was “keeping his true identity in the shadows,” adding:

They keep him on the prompter for a reason. In fact, I read about it just yesterday as I reread the “Coming Insurrection.” And this is not my marked copy.

In the place where they're talking at the end about structure, and the structure that's not in place yet, they say, quote, “Visibility must be avoided, but a force that gathers in the shadows cannot avoid it forever. Our appearance as a force must be reserved for an opportune moment. The longer we avoid visibility, the stronger we'll be when it catches up with us. Once we become visible, our days will be numbered. Either we'll be in a position to break its hold in short order or we will be crushed in time.”

So, what is going on? Why is George Soros pumping all this money? Why are they coming after this show and you and FOX and the Tea Parties and everybody else?

Because they're not ready to be visible yet.

As recently as January 14, Beck informed his radio listeners that the “coming insurrection” was “playing out.”

The mysterious “Archduke Ferdinand” moment that is coming? Nothing new here, either:

  • On June 17, 2010, Beck warned that the BP oil spill could be part of an “Archduke Ferdinand moment.”
  • On May 24, 2010, Beck said, “I said that three years ago. I said look for an Archduke Ferdinand moment. There is going to be a moment in time with the perfect storm.”
  • In February of 2009, Beck said that he had been “looking for that Archduke Ferdinand moment” and that he thought that turmoil and crime in Mexico could be that moment.

Perhaps it's time to get a new act.