The Beck-Huckabee Battle Rages On

Earlier this week Glenn Beck attacked Mike Huckabee by suggesting he was a progressive (a dirty word in Beck's mind) for supporting Michelle Obama's campaign against obesity. Huckabee swiftly responded by releasing a statement that condemned Beck for calling him a progressive, which Huckabee remembers would also make him a “cancer” and a “Nazi” based on Beck's logic. Huckabee went on to defend his support for Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign, and then further chides Beck for having a “massive global conspiracy for pretty much everything” and for “fancy[ing] himself a prophet of sorts.” Huckabee also stated that “Beck needs to stick to conspiracies that can't be so easily de-bunked by facts.”

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck replied to Huckabee. He challenged Huckabee: “give me one example sir” of a Beck-touted conspiracy theory that had been debunked. (If anyone is interested, here are a few such debunked conspiracy theories.)

Beck went on to suggest he has “several examples” of how Huckabee is a progressive. One example included Beck giving a hat tip to Media Matters just before playing a clip he got from our site that shows Huckabee distorting his record on tax increases.

Beck then decided to dive into Huckabee's potential presidential run in 2012, warning “If sir, you are this thin skinned about your politics, it might be best for you to stay on the sidelines, maybe with Michelle Obama, and not enter this race.” I suppose this means Beck will not be donating to the Huckabee campaign if he does so choose to run.