Beck connects Obama, Soros to “violent revolution” coming to “our shores”

Glenn Beck tied President Obama and George Soros to a group he has vilified for purportedly bringing “violent revolution” to “our shores.” Beck has repeatedly demonized Soros as “evil,” characterized Obama as a Soros pawn, and has accused Soros of putting a “bounty on my head.”

Beck ties Obama and Soros to The Coming Insurrection

Beck: Obama is “keeping his true identity in the shadows” because "[t]hey are not ready to be visible yet." On the October 27 edition of his Fox News show, Beck criticized Obama for his use of teleprompters and said:

He is keeping his true identity in the shadows. He can't risk being seen for what he really is, a radical. Every word must be scripted. They keep him on prompter for reason. In fact, I read about it just yesterday as I reread The Coming Insurrection. And this is not my marked copy. In the place where they're talking at the very end about structure and the structure that's not in place yet, they say, quote:

“Visibility must be avoided. But a force that gathers in the shadows cannot avoid it forever. Our appearances as a force must be reserved for the opportune moment. The longer we avoid visibility, the stronger we'll be when it catches up with us. And once we become visible our days will be numbered. Either we will be in a position to break its hold in short order, or we will be crushed in time.”

So what is going on? Why is George Soros pumping all this money? Why are they coming after this show and you and Fox and the tea parties and everybody else? Because they're not ready to be visible yet. And that is your greatest strength. Put light on their words. Make them visible. And watch them scurry.

Beck has claimed that The Coming Insurrection will bring “violent revolution” to “our shores”

Beck: The Coming Insurrection “calls for violent revolution” and is “about to come here to America.” On the July 1, 2009, edition of his Fox News show, Beck said (from the Nexis database):

The government -- the government is so unbelievably out of control, they are so unbelievably blind to the things that are going on and arrogant, and then they warn that it's the right-wing extremists -- you know, the crazy people that like to talk about the Founding Fathers that might be domestic terrorists. “The New York Times” has said that I and Bill O'Reilly incite those crazy conservatives to violence.

Tonight, here is the One Thing that everybody seems to be missing: the extreme left on this planet is actively calling for violence. As world economies go down the tank and unemployment continues to rise -- which some might say maybe some of these politicians actually want -- the disenfranchised people are set to explode.

And now, I was handed this this morning when I got into work, I have been trying to get a copy of this for a while. It is a brand new book. It is a dangerous book. It is called “The Coming Insurrection” -- “The Coming Insurrection.”

It is written by the Invisible Committee that calls for violent revolution; an anonymous group from France -- of all places -- called the Invisible Committee penned it. They want to bring down capitalism and the western way of life. This started in France and started to spread to countries like Greece and Iceland, where people are out of work, out of money and out of patience. Now, it's about to come here to America.

The book comes out in English in August. I think it is August 9th. This is one of the first copies finished in English. The book was written after the riots in the Paris suburbs in 2005 that tore the country apart. Do you remember that? That was before the economy really got bad.

This book is the anti-common sense. In fact, I talk about books like this in “Common Sense,” in a section called “The Enemies Within.”

In this book, when I wrote this, I knew people like this -- I didn't know this book was coming out -- but I knew people like this were going to show up, enemies within. And they were going to tell you to pick up a gun and they're going to use every kind of emergency and stress to get you to do it.

This is a book about revolution. This is a book of peaceful revolution. This one is from the right -- you know, the radicals everybody is so worried about in government. This one is from the left.

Let me read you just a little bit of this. “Take up arms. Do everything possible to make their use unnecessary. There is no such thing as a peaceful insurrection. Weapons are necessary.”

The French government is so freaked out about this book that they arrested nine people believed to have written “The Coming Insurrection,” on charges of criminal association for the purposes of terrorist activity, for allegedly sabotaging train lines in France.

Beck: The Coming Insurrection is “now on our shores.” On the December 17, 2009, edition of his Fox News show, Beck said (from Nexis):

OK. You have never seen anything like that from the Tea Party goers. Europeans have been promised this socialist communist Utopia for a very long time. They were told, just play it down, we will get it through, we will get it through slowly but the government, those people on the left in the government have not delivered and the people there, the ones who have been promised the radicals are fed up. I told you earlier this summer about a book from Europe. I was handed this morning when I got to work. I have been trying to get a copy of this for a while. It is a brand new book. It is a dangerous book. It is called “The Coming Insurrection.”

OK. It is now on our shores. When you've seen Copenhagen, he's from the coming insurrection. This little book is dangerous. It talks -- you must destroy the family. You must go in. They're tired of waiting. It is a book of communism. The extreme Uber left. Michael Moore said that he was reading this book over the summer. The left is at a tipping point in America. They have huge majorities, a progressive president, and they feel this is our time.

Beck: “This is quite possibly the most evil thing I've ever read.” On the February 10 edition of his Fox News show, Beck said (from Nexis):

Let me show you what his finished product looks like. It's this. I told you last summer read this book. It's “The Coming Insurrection.” It's by the invisible committee.

This is quite possibly the most evil thing I've ever read and it's about to play out in the streets of Greece. It's been played out in France.

The story is written by 12 people. Some of them were in jail now over in Europe. They're actual communists. They've been masquerading as democratic socialists. “Oh, we're not Marxists, we're not communists, we're like you.”

And they got into bed with their politicians, their version of Nancy Pelosi and they were backing those people. And according to the book, they realized those people aren't serious, just like Van Jones on the left is starting to figure out that Barack Obama, they're starting to say, “Wait a minute, is this guy serious? Is he going to do it? We had an unspoken understanding. He is going to bring us the socialist utopia.”

Well, this is their manifest. And the message is: everyone in government has been lying to you. And that's why they call for the coming insurrection.

This is evil stuff. These are the things that will free the worker. In it, one chapter on how to destroy the family.

On Friday, I'm going to spend a full hour on Europe -- because everything that's happening over there is going to play out over here if we're not careful. You have to know the truth of “The Coming Insurrection.”

Beck: The Coming Insurrection “urges people to go get in the streets and be violent.” On the May 3 edition of his Fox News show, Beck said (from Nexis):

Last year, I showed you this book. And, of course, the media was like, “Glenn, you crazy conspiracy theory.” This is a book called “The Coming Insurrection.” I asked you last summer to please read it and said you want to know what the future is, read it.

It's one of the most evil books -- I mean, it talks about how to go in and destroy families. It's basically, cause trouble. That's what it is.

It's put out by the invisible committee. It's 12 communists. I think some of them are professors. What a surprise.

And basically what it is, is Europe promised us a social communist utopia. And they're never going to give it to us. And the whole thing is on the verge of collapse. So, now, let's go get it -- and it urges people to go get in the streets and be violent.

Beck has spent months demonizing Soros

Beck: Soros is “looking to replace the capitalist system once it's been destroyed.” On June 21, Beck said, “I don't know if [George Soros] is a radical that's been trying to implement the Cloward and Piven strategy on collapsing the system.” Beck went on to claim that Soros is “one of the guys looking to replace the capitalist system once it has been destroyed.” This accusation is based on a distortion of a Soros quote. Soros said that the international currency system -- not the capitalist system -- is “broken and needs to be reconstituted.”

Beck suggests Soros will try to have him killed. On June 21, while detailing the conspiracy theory that the U.S. is funneling money to Brazilian oil company Petrobras in order to enrich George Soros, Beck said, “Gasoline Brazil. Now why am I telling you about this? Have you heard of another word? Soros. George Soros. I do have a bulletproof car, George. I just want you to know.”

Beck: Soros is “evil.” On his June 7 show, Beck said: “Who are the elites? I mean, you could put a billion people up here. But Al Gore -- he's just trying to help the planet, that's all he's trying to do. That's all he's -- George Soros, he's just -- I don't know what he's -- he's evil. 'Well, I'm just trying to help tell you that it's all unsustainable, and we got to raise taxes.' And here are some more elites. OK? They're taking from you. You can't afford it. They're taking it from you and giving it, under the guise of giving it to the poor, to their elites. That's what is happening. Hello?”

Beck accused “spooky dude” Soros of orchestrating a collapse of American currency to enrich himself. On the October 5 edition of Glenn Beck, Beck claimed that Soros “thought the dollar needs to be devalued” and cited a Financial Times op-ed in which Soros argued for more stimulus spending. Beck said, “Spooky dude says spend more money.” He added: “I don't know if this is the start of the latest, you know, Soros push to collapse a currency. I don't know if this is it; oh, but it's coming. Be prepared, because powerful people like George Soros would like that to happen. Because they're preparing. Have you?”

Beck called Soros the “king” and Barack Obama a pawn. On the September 15 edition of Glenn Beck, Beck displayed a large chess board, which he claimed would illustrate “how far the establishment would go to protect the power that they have built up.” Beck assigned various figures roles based on the pieces of the chess game. Beck said, “Now who are the king and queen and advisers and the knights, the protection of the castle.” Grabbing the king piece, Beck continued, “Well, if I may -- I think you've got Soros.” Beck later said that Barack and Michelle Obama were “pawns.”

Beck: Soros put a "$1 million bounty on my head." On the October 21 edition of Glenn Beck, Beck claimed that “progressives” were “working overtime to gain control.” He added:

This is their opportunity, and you are seeing them now remove the masks. I told you they would about a year ago.

They can't win on the battlefield of ideas, so they have to resort to the battlefield of attack. George Soros yesterday gave $1 million to his favorite progressive hack site, which is nothing less than $1 million bounty on my head.

George, I'm a little nervous about my life and the life of my family. I don't think you should be inciting violence. There are nut jobs that might take all of your words. Union members, Color of Change, SEIU, Media Matters, Tides Foundation. Tides Foundation did 10-2-10. Those are revolutionaries. Don't incite them, please.