Beck And Lila Rose Furious That DOJ Isn't Falling For Their Hoax

Why isn't Eric Holder's Justice Department investigating Planned Parenthood? Maybe because there's nothing to investigate.

A couple of weeks ago, Lila Rose penned a strange, thoroughly misleading letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to investigate Planned Parenthood's alleged complicity in the sex trafficking of minors. Of course, Rose's letter could cite only two pieces of “evidence.” Exhibit A: A series of videos that do absolutely nothing to support her outlandish and irresponsible claims. Exhibit B: A letter from Planned Parenthood alerting law enforcement authorities of suspected sex trafficking. Whereas Exhibit A is completely irrelevant, Exhibit B completely undermines Rose's case. If Planned Parenthood were aiding and abetting sex trafficking, why would they report suspected sex trafficking to the FBI? Rose's response to that simple question was completely incoherent, and only underscored just how ludicrous her accusations her.

So in a development shocking to no sentient being, the Justice Department will not be prosecuting anyone based on Rose's little conspiracy theory. And Rose, rather than just letting it go, has decided to accuse the DoJ of "looking the other way."

But Rose isn't the only person who's mad that the DoJ for deciding to spend their time on actual law enforcement instead of right-wing witch hunts. Glenn Beck, who previously gave Rose a massive platform on which to lob hysterical falsehoods at Planned Parenthood, had this to say:

BECK: Let's take a look here at Lila Rose. Here she is exposing Planned Parenthood. And when she did this, US Attorney General Eric Holder -- who said he's not pursuing the voter intimidation case down in Philadelphia or the Defense of Marriage act, which is the law of the land -- also says the DOJ is not gonna pursue this one either. No, he's not going to.

If you want one last example of just how untethered from reality the right's Planned Parenthood smears have become, here's a doozy: Beck also said Planned Parenthood “doesn't mind helping a pimp impregnating a 13 year-old with taxpayer dollars.” Good luck figuring out what that means -- not even Lila Rose has made any accusations like that.

Beck is furious with Eric Holder for opting to not play along with two fake scandals dreamed up by the conservative fringe: Live Action's attempted smear of Planned Parenthood and the manufactured New Black Panther case. He's even angrier because Holder won't enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, despite the fact that Holder actually will. But the actual facts in these cases are irrelevant. All that matters is that the Attorney General refuses to turn the Justice Department into the enforcement arm of the conservative movement.