Because it's delusional and stupid, Glenn

On the radio this morning, Glenn Beck threw a minor hissy fit, demanding to know why the media roundly ignored the story he “broke” yesterday linking Goldman Sachs to cap-and-trade to Al Gore to Fannie Mae to Barack Obama to tiny pastries.

According to Beck, the reason is simple: “Because the media is in bed with our government. You might as well just take off the banner 'All the news that's fit to print' and put on the banner 'All the news we're told is OK to print.' You're practically Pravda.”

Maybe that's true, Glenn. It very well could be that the huge story you -- ahem -- “broke” last night was completely ignored by the rest of the media because they're in cahoots with the government and want to suppress the dangerous information you uncovered.

That could be the reason...

Or maybe it's because you prefaced your “expose” by telling everyone that you and your staff of researchers are “not investigative reporters. It's not what we do.”

Or perhaps the reason is that you tried to explain it using Michael Moore and cupcakes.

It could be because you inexplicably started talking about Bill Ayers.

Maybe the reason has something to do with your nonsensical Patent Office sub-conspiracy:

BECK: Fannie Mae, what would Fannie Mae buy this technology for? What's -- aren't they a mortgage company? Yes, it's weird, isn't it?

By the way, here's another weird coincidence. The U.S. Patent and Trade Office OK'd that patent on November 7th, 2006.

What happened on November 6th, 2006? The Democrats took control of Congress. Just a coincidence.

[Relevant side note: the Democrats didn't actually assume power over Congress until January 2007]

These are all pretty good reasons, I think, and they all get to the title of this blog post, which is probably the best and most succinct reason for why this “breaking story” was ignored by the rest of the media.

Because it's delusional and stupid, Glenn.