Another Bolling Audition? Bolling Adopts Beck's Bogus U.N. Conspiracy Theory

As Glenn Beck readies to leave Fox News, his coveted 5 pm slot remains up for grabs, and Eric Bolling appears to be in the running. We previously noted that in recent months Bolling appears to have adopted Beck's race-baiting as his strategy for success, culminating in his use of language about “hoods” visiting President Obama's “Hizzouse.”

Tonight, Bolling chose another method of imitating Beck, adopting one of Beck's bogus conspiracy theories. On tonight's edition of his Fox Business show, Bolling attacked Obama's Rural Council as evidence of the implementation of a United Nations plan and the coming “One World Order.” Bolling claimed that “The aims of the White House Rural Development Plan sound eerily similar a UN plan called Agenda 21 where a central planning agency would be responsible for oversight into all areas of our lives. A one world order.” From Fox Business' Follow the Money:

During the June 15 edition of his show, Glenn Beck alleged that the United Nations' Agenda 21, a plan for sustainable development is a means of instituting “centralized control over all of human life on planet Earth.” From the June 15 edition of Fox News' Glenn Beck:

Following his Agenda 21 conspiracy theorizing during his Fox News show, Beck brought the issue to his radio show, tying it to Obama's Rural Council just like Bolling has now done:

However, the United Nations' Agenda 21 program is far from a creeping “New World Order.” In fact, as Tariq Banuri, director of the United Nations' Division for Sustainable Development has told Media Matters: “Agenda 21 is not a binding treaty. It sets out a sort of common vision.” Banuri added, “Agenda 21 is trying to say that environmental concerns are common concerns of everyone on this planet.”

But the facts may not matter to Bolling. If Fox decides it wants a Beck clone for 5 pm, Bolling is fast proving that he is willing and able to do the job.