Advertising with Beck pays off

Let it never be said that Glenn Beck fails to repay those who are loyal to him.

On his show today, Beck told his audience that they should buy gold to protect themselves in the event of a U.S. economic collapse. Minutes later, that same audience was treated to a commercial for Goldline International, featuring a “gold investor and a Goldline client” who cited “our government spending trillions of dollars and counting” and “a debt that will burden our children and grandchildren for years to come” as reasons to buy their product. I wonder how many of Beck's viewers called their hotline on the spot?

Gold investment firms are among Beck's most loyal advertisers. If you follow our regular County Fair post documenting the companies running ads on Beck's program, you know that at least four such firms run ads on Beck's show: Goldline International, Rosland Capital, Superior Gold Group and Merit Financial. Rosland and Goldline in particular run ads on virtually every edition of the program.

Eighty advertisers have reportedly dropped their ads from Beck's Fox News program since he called President Obama a “racist” who has a “deep-seated hatred of white people.” The gold companies are among the last ones that still want to be associated with Beck.

Today, they got their reward.