Fox's Geraldo Rivera: Trump is being “unfairly mugged by the media” for repeatedly lying about Alabama and Hurricane Dorian

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Citation From the September 5 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

GERALDO RIVERA (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE): First of all, in terms of the storm hitting Alabama, and then earlier in the week, the president saying he probably never even heard of a cat-5 storm -- this is all clear to me, what is happening is that this president gets the worst press of any president in the history of the republic. Everything he says and does is cross-checked and scrutinized to reveal him to be stupid, uninformed, or a liar. You know, it is very frustrating to see how other news networks obsess about any misstep or misstatement the president makes -- even to the exclusion of doing important reporting on this big natural disaster. So I think that the president really gets unfortunately and unfairly mugged by the media in a way that is beyond -- beyond parallel, beyond compare.