Fox’s Geraldo Rivera: “The rape of America is happening … and it has nothing to do with the death of that poor man”

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Citation From the June 1, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

GERALDO RIVERA: Makes me sick to my stomach. I feel like puking watching these videos, Sean. Watching the rape of America. I would say that most of those looters, filling up the shopping bags after smashing the glass windows, after beating up the shopkeepers, kicking them in the head, hitting them with two-by-fours, I bet many of them don't even know George Floyd's name. They don't even care. There's no heart. There's just greed. There's anarchy. It is unforgivable. It is unforgivable. To me, it is so painful to watch the dissolution of order in our country where you won't feel safe walking anywhere. It is something that is so pathetic. And the fact that it is coast to coast, north to south now. The rape of America is happening, and it is happening right before our eyes and it has nothing to do with the death of that poor man who incidentally -- the officer involved will soon be charged with murder one, I am positive of it. Now that we know that this was a premeditated crime.