Armstrong Williams's website touts upcoming interview with President Bush

The site maintained by TV and radio host and syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams contains an announcement of an upcoming interview with President George W. Bush.

Images of Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Secretary of State Colin Powell appear on the front page of Beneath their photos, the website instructs: “Check the 'Television - Upcoming Guests' page to see when these guests will air on our show!” Each administration official's photograph also links to a page with biographical information that announces their “Show Date.” The “Show Date” on the page with Bush's bio information indicates that Williams' interview with Bush is "[n]ot yet taped."

According to the "Television - Upcoming Guests" page, Williams interviewed Rice and Powell for a one-hour special called TVOne Special: On Point with Armstrong Williams that aired on December 5, 7, and 26. The “Show Date” on the page with Cheney's bio information announces of Williams's interview with Cheney: “Airing Now! Check Local Listings!”

USA Today first reported that the Bush administration paid Williams $240,000 to promote the No Child Left Behind law. According to a January 7 Los Angeles Times article, Williams's contract with the Department of Education “gave [Education Secretary Rod] Paige and other department officials the right to appear from 'time to time' as guests on Williams' programs. Paige apparently exercised this option at least once in a one-hour interview on a show called 'On Point,' education officials said.” The Associated Press reported: “The Washington Post quoted Williams as saying he had disclosed his contract to TV One, but said chief executive Johnathon [sic: Johnathan] Rodgers told the newspaper the network knew nothing about it and has taken the show off the air while it investigates.”

Tribune Media Services, the syndicator of Williams's newspaper column, terminated his contract; Williams said he plans to syndicate the column himself.