George Stephanopoulos still proud of his April debate performance

You remember. The one where he and Charlie Gibson spent the first 50 minutes moderating the Democratic debate while mired in policy-free gotcha. The one where the audience turned on the hosts because they were doing such an awful job. The one that was tagged by many observers as the worst effort ever. (Here, this will refresh your memory.)

Well good news. Looking back, Stephanopoulous thinks he did fine. And that the “the questions [he posed] hold up a lot more than the criticism.” Plus, his boss at ABC News wasn't even mad at him! Instead, he give the Sunday news celeb an `atta boy: “You did your job and keep going.”

What a relief. We were nervous the ABC News man might actually use the public flogging he suffered to learn a lesson about the nature of journalism in this campaign season.

But not George. Because he did just fine, thank you.