The Daily Show Calls Out A Fox Guest's Opposition To Equal Pay For US Women's Soccer Team

Hasan Minhaj: Fox Guest Gavin McInnes Thinks Women “Should Be Grateful Just To Play”

From the May 4 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show:

HASAN MINHAJ: I sat down with three members of the US Women’s Soccer Team to find out why they are being so greedy.

HOPE SOLO: We’re not being greedy, we’re just fighting for what’s right.

BECKY SAUERBRUNN: Our contributions to the federation should be seen as equal to what the men have done.

MINHAJ: Fine, whatever, but you need to understand that the men made it to the round of 16 in the World Cup.

ALI KRIEGER: We’ve won three World Cups.

MINHAJ: Well they are ranked 30th in the world.

SAUERBRUNN: We’re ranked number one.

MINHAJ: They play with so much passion.

SOLO: We have four Olympic gold medals.


MINHAJ: But how much less could their pay possibly be?

SAUERBRUNN: If we win  a match, we get $1300. The men, they get around $17,000.


KRIEGER: If the men’s  team loses, they make $5,000.

MINHAJ: $5 g’s if you lose? Could you image having that much money?

SOLO: Can’t really image it, because we don’t get paid anything if we lose.

MINHAJ: Maybe that’s why you guys don’t lose. Silver lining.


MINHAJ: While the U.S. Soccer Federation has their own interpretation of the pay differences, the bottom line is that the women want them to level the playing field. Oh and they also want them to literally level the playing field. They’re constantly forced to play on AstroTurf even at the World Cup, something that the men’s team has never had to do.


MINHAJ: Others would argue the women’s soccer team should be grateful just to play, like Gavin McInnes. Sure he looks like an art school drop out with a Shins cover band, but he has his own show and is a Fox News contributor.


GAVIN MCINNES: Women do earn less in America because they choose to.


MINHAJ: Yup, not surprisingly, he thinks the women’s lawsuit is a waste of time.

GAVIN MCINNES: Men’s soccer has been getting ten times the eyeballs. 


MCINNES: You’re playing a man’s game by a man’s rules, this is the way it is in our world, you've got to earn it.

KRIEGER: No, we’ve brought in what $17 million this past year –

SOLO:  The men lost $2 million in profit for the Federation this last year.


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