Jim Hoft's latest Obama smear undone by his inability to count to two

Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft has taken a narrow lead in the race against himself for the coveted title of Dumbest Man on the Internet. What has propelled him into the top spot? This morning he's accusing President Obama of “flipping off” House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) at a town hall meeting in Wisconsin. “The child president not only misrepresented GOP Leader John Boehner's ant comment while giving his campaign speech yesterday in Racine, Wisconsin... He flipped him off.” And here's the evidence he provides:

Now, my understanding has always been that in order to flip someone off, you had to have one finger -- the middle one -- clearly extended with all the others retracted. Let's look at a detail of the alleged “flip off,” and count off the number of fingers President Obama has extended:

So what are we left with here? Well, one of two scenarios.

Either Jim Hoft really is the sort of lying and unscrupulous hack we already know him to be, or he's clued into some sort of alternate American culture where two fingers extended in the direction of no one in particular is an offensive gesture.

My money's on scenario number one. But if scenario two were indeed to be the case, then that would lend some new and appropriate significance to this iconic photo: