Is it Opposite Day at Gateway Pundit?

Jim Hoft must be in a competition with himself for the title of Dumbest Man on the Internet. And judging by his latest attempt to attack Obama for something entirely non-controversial--opting to go “to [a] theatre party” instead of honoring the 66th anniversary of D-day -- he's winning.

In addition to ignoring the fact that Obama's actions mirror those of past presidents, Hoft went after Obama's attendance at the Ford Theatre's annual gala by claiming “The President will also be honoring far left Bush-basher and Jew-hater Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the gala." Yes, Hoft declared Desmond Tutu to be a “Jew-hater.” His evidence? An October 2007 news article on the Anti-Defamation League urging a Minnesota university to allow Tutu “to speak just days after it was revealed that he had been disinvited because of fears he might offend Jews.” The article quotes the ADL's national director as saying that Tutu “certainly is not an anti-Semite and should not be so characterized and therefore refused a platform.”

Got that? The ADL says Tutu is “certainly...not an anti-Semite” and should not be characterized as such, and Hoft took this to mean Tutu is a “Jew-hater.”

It gets better.

Hoft later updated his post to go after remarks that Tutu made at the Gala. Hoft writes:

UPDATE: Here is what Desmond Tutu told the party crowd tonight:

“Security is not something that comes from the barrel of a gun.”

And, he said this on the anniversary of D-Day? Isn't that some version of a Mao quote?

The Mao quote to which Hoft referred? “Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” So yes -- it could be “some version of a Mao quote,” but the sentiment expressed is the exact opposite.