Even Frank Luntz's Focus Group Overwhelmingly Says Clinton Won The Debate

Luntz: Voters Described Trump’s Performance As A “Disaster” And “Rude” 

From the September 26 edition of PBS' Charlie Rose

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FRANK LUNTZ: So we asked [our debate focus group] when they were done -- these are truly undecided voters between the candidates -- and 16 of them felt that Hillary Clinton had won the debate, had brought them closer to her candidacy. Only five of them picked Donald Trump. And the remaining six percent were tied. There were four key components here. Number one is that Donald Trump, when he was attacking the system, he was doing well. When he was defending himself, that was a disaster. Number two, Hillary Clinton was so well-prepared for this, and I agree with what Maureen [Dowd] said. And I actually had written down the word baiting him within three minutes of the debate opening, and she did it again and again and again, and Trump responded horribly. Number three, you don't speak over the moderator ever, and viewers -- our undecideds -- felt that he was frankly rude to Lester Holt. And number four is that Trump described the problems effectively, but he didn't have the solutions. She was not quite as effective in discussing the problems, but they felt that she had better answers. In the end, solutions beat problems. 


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