Watch MSNBC's Katy Tur explain the seemingly “slam dunk” evidence of defamation in Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox News

Amanda Terkel: “I think Fox News also knows how damning this was and they redacted it”

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Citation From the March 29, 2023, edition of MSNBC's Katy Tur Reports

KATY TUR (HOST): What you're seeing right now are part of the court documents, including e-mails, from within Fox News. There's also one where the executive that you just mentioned, David Clark, said false claims should not have gone on air. That's the testimony, excuse me, from David Clark. It's pretty, I mean, Amanda, if Dominion was looking for something akin to a slam dunk, I mean, am I wrong to say this kind of feels like it? I'm not a lawyer, but this is-- seems pretty damning. 

AMANDA TERKEL (GUEST): I think Fox News also knows how damning this was and they redacted it. These slides are part of a presentation that Dominion showed at a pre-trial hearing last week and that information was redacted at the request of Fox News but Dominion argued that it should be released, it should be public. A judge agreed that this information needed to be released and public and so that's why today we are actually seeing all of this, and we are seeing what Fox News wanted to keep secret and we're seeing how damaging it was.