The Daily Beast spoke to reporters at Fox News, who had blunt words for Fox executives and hosts

Fox News correspondent: “Honestly, Tucker is a joke”

A new Daily Beast report reveals that journalists at Fox News are lashing out after bombshell revelations in the Dominion/Fox lawsuit, with one quote in the piece reading, “I think no regular person could read this and look at Fox like a news organization at this point.”

As Justin Baragona and Diana Falzone reported:

The feeling among the news division’s employees that journalism is not a high priority, and that money and ideology drive decisions at the network, has only risen since the Dominion filings were unsealed.

“Because the problem is, it’s pretty damn clear that the motivation is the money-based machine on the opinion side that drives all their business decisions, that drives a lot of their programming decisions,” the reporter told The Daily Beast. “And so even if you have good reporters who are trying to report the news, it’s just not what Fox as an entity sees its value as, so that sucks.”

The producer, for her part, called the filings “disappointing” before wondering why “is the news side being censored?”


She continued: “If journalists are being criticized for being hard on the Trump admin or truthfully talking about the election, it’s a form of censorship. The news division is being given less importance.”

Another veteran Fox journalist disagreed that he was being “censored or scared.” But he does feel “incredibly angry that the reputations of amazing news people and reporters are being dragged through the mud because of the buffoonish and dangerous actions of a few during that election.”

He added: “There were journalists every single day that did that right thing during that time. We stuck to the facts despite pressure from our audience and social media to not do our jobs.”

Another reporter, meanwhile, called the fallout over the filings “demoralizing, deflating and soul-crushing” as a journalist.

Others lashed out at Fox host Tucker Carlson:

The reporter also wondered how Carlson could continue to work for the company after it was revealed that he was demanding at least one journalist be fired for doing their job.

“It’s wrong,” the producer said of Carlson’s behind-the-scenes actions. “He acts like the king of Fox. Entitlement. Extremely unprofessional.”

“Honestly, Tucker is a joke, and I don’t know many in the news division that likes or respects him,” a correspondent sighed. “He makes our jobs harder and way more dangerous.”The veteran journalist, however, pointed out that “Tucker has publicly attacked and humiliated journalists here at Fox before” so “it shouldn’t be a surprise that he was trashing us behind the scenes.”

Among the revelations in the filings was Carlson and Sean Hannity discussing “trying to have a Fox News reporter fired in November 2020 after she publicly pushed back against then-President Donald Trump's election lies.” Carlson also had claimed he, Hannity, and Laura Ingraham had “devoted our lives to building an audience and they let Chris Wallace and Leland fucking Vittert wreck it.” At the time, Wallace was a Fox host and Leland was a Fox reporter and anchor. Hannity agreed, stating that he was “disgusted.”