You Didn't Build That: Fox News & The Bridge To Grandma's House

Fox News' campaign to pretend President Obama insulted American ingenuity when he told voters no one individual built the "unbelievable American system" of roads and bridges, public schools and the Internet, ran into a roadblock today when they reported on the bridge to grandma's house.

Bob and Connie Bushner have been embroiled in a lawsuit with Ozark County, MO officials over replacing a bridge to their property that washed away in 2010. According to the Ozark County Times, the county has maintained the bridge on and off for years, even though the bridge resides on land owned by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Bushners, the only residents at the end of the bridge, appeared on Fox & Friends to explain their struggles with the county over replacing that bridge. According to Connie Bushner, the family has been forced to pilot their grandchildren across the creek on an ATV in order to visit. “It's treacherous,” she said.

Gretchen Carlson was aghast: “It seems crazy that you are stranded in your own home.”

But curiously, she concluded the segment by reporting, “It seems like it's a mess, because the county claims the bridge is the responsibility of the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Army Corps claims that it's the county. In the meantime you guys remain stranded.”

Another thing stranded here is logical consistency.

Shouldn't Carlson be hopping mad that the government would be asked to rebuild a bridge?

After all, Fox News has been stoking outrage for weeks that President Obama insulted business owners by saying they didn't build the roads and bridges that help them bring goods to market and that bring customers to their stores.

The outrage Fox spent so much time and energy manufacturing takes center stage at the GOP convention next week, with the cynical theme “We Built It.”

Granted, taxpayers built and own the NHL stadium that will host the convention, redesigned Tampa's highways and byways that convention goers will use to get to that publicly funded stadium, and will foot the bill for the security that will keep those convention-goers safe.

Never mind all that. “You Didn't Build That” is a Fox News/GOP brand.

Just don't tell grandma.