This Is Why Republicans Love Appearing On Fox

Because they know they're usually going to get a pass.

Just ask New Jersey's Republican Gov. Chris Christie. This morning he appeared on Fox News Sunday. Host Chris Wallace asked Christie about teacher unions, Sarah Palin, and government spending, among other topics. (Apparently, the first-term governor's views on these issues are of national importance.)

But here are two obvious questions Wallace politely failed to ask Christie: Why did your refuse to cut short your Disney World vacation last month after your home state was hit by an historic blizzard that dumped nearly 30 inches of snow in some locations and left several communities paralyzed for days? And why was your number two, the lieutenant governor, also out of the state on vacation during the time of the crisis?

You'll recall Christie faced withering criticism for his handling of the blizzard; a storm so fierce the Garden State had to ask FEMA to help pay for the clean-up costs.

To make matter worse, Christie's Dec. 31, press conference performance was extraordinary (i.e. “political suicide”) as he defiantly stood by his refusal to return from vacation, and lashed out at the media, Democrats and local mayors. Christie's unfolding political fiasco was big news, not just in New Jersey and the Tri-State area, but nationally and even internationally.

But host Chris Wallace apparently had no intention of asking him any uncomfortable questions about the embarrassing episode. That's why Republicans love appearing on Fox.