Why is Fox hosting “Gunny” Bob Newman?

For the second time this week, Fox's America's Newsroom hosted “Gunny” Bob Newman, senior fellow at the Rocky Mountain Foundation, to discuss the Christmas Day bombing attempt. Newman is a “terror expert” with such genius solutions for homeland security as calling for all Muslim immigrants to the United States to “be required by law to wear a GPS tracking bracelet at all times.”

One wonders why a network purportedly trying to achieve a “fair and balanced” reputation would host someone who questioned whether President Obama's visit to a concentration camp was somehow to blame for the shooting of a guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in June 2009.

Then again, we're talking about Fox News.

Some other highlights from the estimable “Gunny” Bob:

  • Newman called Obama a “sick freak” and accused him of sanctioning “eugenics,” as practiced by “those of the Third Reich.”
  • After stating that Obama is a “classically trained Marxist,” Newman suggested that under Obama's leadership, the United States might become “a socialist state, with all-powerful government that subjugates the people,” and that “absolute despotism [could] take place within four years.”
  • Newman called Obama “just another blowhard, make-believe thug who wants to be the most powerful man on Earth” and a “far-left, terrorist-hugging politician.”
  • Newman declared that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was “not qualified to conduct a cavity search on a bowling ball.”

From the January 6 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom: