Watch An Undocumented Immigrant Confront Trump's Spokeswoman Over Her “Dehumanizing” Rhetoric

Jose Antonio Vargas: “I’m Not Some Illegal Alien From Mars. I’m Actually A Human Being”

From the June 23 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): You would have been affected by this executive action and it would have helped you. Your parents sent you here? 

JOSE ANTONIO VARGAS: My mom, yeah. My mother sent me here.

KELLY: Right. And you haven’t seen her in over a decade?

VARGAS: Twenty-three years this August.

KELLY: So your reaction? 

VARGAS: I'm one of 5 million people who would’ve been impacted by this and I have to tell you listening to this -- I'm neither a Republican or a Democrat. The question for me is what do you want to do with all of us? There are 12 million of us here. That's the size of Ohio. They keep playing political football, doing this, doing that, doing that. Now mind you, President Obama has deported more than 2 million of us. Donald Trump talks about building a wall in Mexico, building a bigger, better wall, when the fastest growing undocumented population in this country are Asian people, not Hispanics. So in many ways we are operating under of a lot of untruths and not factual arguments. 

KELLY: Let's bring Katrina in on that, then. Katrina, in response to his question, what does Mr. Trump want to do with Jose and the other 11-plus million undocumented people here? 

KATRINA PIERSON: Well I think that’s a great question and I will say that the wall is not just for immigration purposes. It's a national security question as well as a problem that we have with drugs coming into the country and though I know a lot of people like to use Mr. Trump's policies to create some sort of racial division when, in fact, immigration is a national security problem and a jobs and economy problem. 

KELLY: But he's asking what you're going to do with him. What Mr. Trump is going to do with Jose.

PIERSON: I wanted to first clarify. I hear you, but I wanted to first clarify Mr. Trump's positions on the wall because as just stated, it seemed like it was towards a certain race, and that's just simply not the case. What Mr. Trump wants to do, is as he has said, he does want to deport illegal aliens in this country. He wants to start out with the criminal aspect of them -- 

KELLY: That's what Obama's doing. 

PIERSON: -- and simply because it's run amuck and it is a huge problem. He's also talked about working with Congress to come up with a plan for those who are here but they have to go back, Megyn. There is a process in place. And here's the thing, if an American citizen breaks a law, there is no catch-and-release program for American citizens. Mr. Trump wants to enforce the current laws, he wants to reform the current Visa system and he wants to get our country back on track. But I will also remind you one more thing --

KELLY: Give him a chance to respond, Katrina. No, no, it’s Jose’s turn.

PIERSON: I’ll say one more thing.

KELLY: No, it’s Jose’s turn.

VARGAS: Well, with all due respect by the way, Miss Pierson, I'm not some illegal alien from Mars. I'm actually like a human being -- I’m right here -- so calling us “illegal aliens” is actually not only inaccurate but really dehumanizing. So I have to say, it's really tough to kind of separate race from this when Donald Trump calls Mexican people racist. It's really tough to divorce race from this whole conversation when whenever he's talked about terrorists, for example, he keeps talking about radical Islam. Right? I mean, how many immigrants have been the terrorists? Have you looked at the list of the past people who have actually killed a lot of people in America? A lot of them are white guys, they’re not some terrorists from Mexico. So what does this have to do with terrorism?


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