VIDEO: Neil Cavuto's Bizarre Hatred For The Chevy Volt

What does Fox News' Senior Vice President of Business News and "real journalis[t]" Neil Cavuto have against the Chevrolet Volt? On his Fox News and Fox Business shows, Cavuto has repeatedly mocked GM's plug-in electric vehicle, dubbing it everything from a “Fred Flintstone car” to “roller skates with a plug”:

Cavuto is not the only one at Fox News with strong opinions about electric vehicles. Monica Crowley recently compared electric vehicles to “driving a toaster oven,” and Ann Coulter called them “crappy cars.” Judith Miller complained that “you can't hear the Volt” and called it “ugly.”

Mocking the Volt's low sales numbers in July, Greg Gutfeld said “girl scouts sell more boxes of cookies on a slow month.” Gutfeld also called Volt owners “dorks” and likened federal incentives for electric vehicles to “forcing Americans to buy broccoli flavored ice cream.”

But a recent IBM study found that “there is a potentially large market for EVs” in the U.S., and that auto executives consider electric vehicles “one of the next hot products.”

And despite relentless criticism from Fox News, the Chevy Volt has been well-received, and has garnered a number of industry awards including the North American International Car of the Year. In the coming months, GM plans to expand manufacturing plants and increase production of the Volt to keep up with rising demand from dealerships.

So what is at the root of Cavuto's hostility towards “Fred Flintstone” cars? Apparently he is the one still stuck in the Stone Age.