Van Susteren Criticizes Fox News Colleague For “Pathetic” Anti-Obama Plane Crash Tweets

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren sharply criticized Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes for “very bad taste” over tweeting petty attacks on the president in response to the deadly crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

Starnes has tweeted that Obama isn't “interested” in the crash because it doesn't involve “beer or golf,” “Russia bracing for a severe hash tag from the Obama Administration,” and “Obama won't comment on Malaysian jetliner crash until he's had a chance to read tomorrow's paper.”

In a post on her blog headlined, “NOTE TO FNC's TODD STARNES: THIS IS VERY BAD TASTE, 295 PEOPLE DIED,” Van Susteren wrote: “I was just sent a Mediaite article with these tweets on it.  I don't know Todd Starnes (he works in NYC), but I do know he works at Fox News Channel and so do I.  I don't like his tweets. They are very bad taste.  This is not the time to be snarky or some pathetic attempt at humor.  Let me repeat... 295 people died.”

Starnes is also a Fox News Radio host and frequent presence on the Fox News Channel. He has a long history of incendiary remarks about progressives, the LGBT community, and the president.