Two Fox Anchors Admit Hillary Clinton Was Unfairly Attacked For Being Honest About Coal Miners 

Chris Wallace: Clinton Said “We've Got To Find You Other Jobs, [Which] Didn't Really Get Talked About”

From the July 28 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting

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SHEPARD SMITH (HOST): I'm waiting for the politician who eventually, and it probably won't be now, but eventually finds it politically necessary to tell the truth, that globalism is not going away, and that economies are going to have to change fundamentally and there is no bringing back some things that are gone because of realities in the world. That no, you can't have it the way it was. It has to change now because the world has changed. That reality has not been spoken. 

CHRIS WALLACE: Let's take an example of that. Because that's kind of what Hillary Clinton was saying when she got roasted for talking about coal miners. 

SMITH: That's right 

WALLACE: You're not going to get your jobs back, and the second -- 

SMITH: Because they're not. 

WALLACE: -- and the second half of that, which is, so we've got to find you other jobs, didn't really get talked about. And that explains why it's so dangerous to play the truth card, and to just be honest and open. 


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