Tucker Carlson says “we know for sure” Democrats are using the FBI and CIA “to change political outcomes”

Carlson: “That’s tyranny, of course”

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Citation From the January 11, 2023, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So this week, as promised, Republicans, who now control the House, set up a new committee modeled after the famous Frank Church committee of the '70s to investigate the FBI and the intel agencies, which are playing what appear to be decisive roles in American politics. Now that's an offense against democracy, you can't have a democracy in which government agencies secretly work to control the outcome. That's tyranny, of course. No decent person should want that. But Republicans, rather -- Democrats, rather than welcoming the scrutiny and the transparency, the sunlight, are responding with panic.


So, there's verification right there. If you're wondering if the federal agencies -- FBI, CIA, and a bunch of others -- are actually being used as tools of the Democratic Party to change political outcomes, now we know for sure. 'Cause if you're a government official and you are panicked at the idea that what you are doing will become public, you're doing something wrong by definition.