Tucker Carlson says he can “see why people might believe” that among politicians, there is a “cabal of pedophiles”

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Citation From the November 22, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It is a stable of so-called conspiracy theories that at the highest levels of politics and finance, there is a shadowy cabal of pedophiles who use their power to hide the crimes they commit against children -- that people think that. Sounds pretty far out to us, too dark and strange to be true. And of course, we are not obviously endorsing that idea.

On the other hand, you can kind of see why people might believe it. Jeffrey Epstein, for example. Epstein continued to dine with business moguls and heads of state long after he was arrested for having sex with minors. How did he do that? Why did nobody say anything? Why did people keep eating with him?

Well, at the very least, we can conclude, based on the evidence, that there is a tolerance for pedophilia among some, among the most powerful in our society, a tolerance that you would not find in, say, your average middle-class American family. Some of the rich really are different that way. That's clearly true.