Tucker Carlson preemptively blames Rep. Jaamal Bowman for any future attempts on his life by right-wing extremists

Carlson: “How long can people keep talking like that and keep acting like this, irresponsibly, crazily before something breaks?”

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Citation From the January 19, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The story here is not that one member of Congress said this on television. The story is that many members of Congress and members of our media say this on television every single day, attack huge groups of Americans on the basis of their skin color and nobody says anything, nobody pushes back as if there are no consequences to talking that way, but there are. 

How long can people keep talking like that and keep acting like this, irresponsibly, crazily before something breaks? Before one of those 74 million hunted, terrorist, Trotskyite wreckers we keep hearing about become so overwrought and paranoid from watching demagogues like Jamaal Bowman attack him on MSNBC, that he does something truly awful that can't be taken back and then the cycle accelerates radically and an awful lot of people get hurt. That's where this is going, everyone knows it, that's where this will go until and unless someone responsible within the Democratic Party appears and puts a stop to it and soon. It's time for the victors to accept their victory, to forgive the team they beat, and to move on -- you won! Be happy! Now improve the country you inherited!