Tucker Carlson praises Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories about George Soros

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Citation From the March 9, 2022, edition of Fox Nation's Tucker Carlson Today

DAN HOLLAWAY (GUEST): Well ten years ago people like Alex Jones were talking about George Soros and everyone was like "aw man you're crazy." Now he just openly spent a million dollars on the California governor recall. Why? He spent 270 million over the last five years on like D.A. races, and judge races, and things like that. Why?

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Because he hates the West and he wants to destroy it obviously. And you don't have to be Alex Jones to say that out loud.

HOLLAWAY: No, it's not even a conspiracy theory.

CARLSON: What's so interesting though is Alex Jones, whatever you-- and I know we're not allowed to talk about Alex Jones because that's illegal now. But I sort of watched in bewilderment when they went after Alex Jones, who whatever you think of him is hilarious, very talented entertainer you know, in addition to other things. But they treated him like he was a foreign threat. They just crushed the guy.