Tucker Carlson: Police were completely justified in cases of George Floyd, Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor

Carlson: “Every story we’ve been told for the past three months has been at its core a lie, all of them”

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Citation From the September 24, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It's hard to think clearly when things are on fire. That's a basic rule of life. That may be why, looking back on it, we've seen so much arson recently. If you wanted to keep the public from thinking clearly about what you plan to do with their country, you might riot and no one would notice that you're lying. They definitely have been lying. Every story we've been told for the past three months has been at its core a lie, all of them, from the first day. 

"George Floyd was executed by racist cops on the street." That's what they told us. That's what everyone believed. Yet when the autopsy became public it showed that George Floyd had lethal levels of fentanyl in his system among other drugs. Floyd said he couldn't breathe long before police landed on him as he was in fact sitting untouched in the back of a patrol car. But the mob wasn't interested in hearing those details, they torched Minneapolis. 

In Kenosha, Democrats told us that bloodthirsty cops just walked up and shot Jacob Blake as he was trying to break up a fight between two women. It was horrifying. But that's not what happened. Police arrived there after a woman called 9-1-1 to say Blake was at her home in violation of a restraining order. That woman had previously accused Blake of sexual assault. Blake fought with the responding officers. At first cops tried nonlethal force to subdue him. They tased Blake and that didn't work. When they saw him reach for a knife, they shot him. What else were they supposed to do exactly? But Kamala Harris wasn't interested in knowing what actually happened, she declared that she was proud of Jacob Blake and then her voters burned Kenosha.

Tonight the mob is in Louisville to protest the death of Breonna Taylor. News organizations told us that Taylor was in bed when police shot her, but she wasn't. She was in her hallway. They told us that Taylor had nothing to do with her drug dealing ex-boyfriend who police were investigation, that's why they were there. In fact, intercepted jailhouse communications suggest that Taylor was warehousing that man's drug money. They told us that police shot first and that's not true. Taylor's boyfriend shot a cop first. Then they told us over and over again that police surprised Taylor in the middle of the night. They barged into her apartment in a so-called no knock raid. Then yesterday the attorney general of Kentucky exposed that as yet another lie. 

The police did in fact knock on Taylor's door. They identified themselves as police. There's a witness to it. But it didn't matter. They kept lying to us. Kamala Harris issued a statement attacking no knock raids. Amazingly, so did Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, a Republican. Tim Scott should know better. A grand jury did know better. The jurors considered all of the available evidence in the Breonna Taylor case and yesterday they declined to charge the officers with murder. There wasn't any evidence that a murder took place. That is how our system is supposed to work, we don't indict the innocents.