Tucker Carlson makes absurd comparison of Musk's Twitter takeover to Tiananmen Square and the fall of the Berlin Wall

Carlson: “So whose side are you on? The man or the tank?”

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Citation From the April 26, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): We are about to show you two images, both of them are famous and you have seen both of them before many times, they are both from the 1980s, here's the first of them, get a pen and paper and record your reaction to it. And remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Watch. 


Who do you sympathize with, the man or the tank? These may seem like easy questions, but that is only because those images are more than 30 years old. Everyone, today, supports the fall of the Berlin Wall and the freedom fighters in Tiananmen Square. But, back in 1989, it was a mixed bag, actually a lot of highly respected people thought the Berlin Wall should stay up, that would include Margaret Thatcher and the president of France and a lot of others.

Now, that may sound shocking to you, but really it is not so different from what we are witnessing now. Now, today, we are witnessing a lot of well respected people who are argue with a straight face that Twitter, one of our main avenues for solving political differences, should remain censored. They are telling you, again with a straight face, you can't have a democracy where everyone is allowed to participate in a conversation. No, in order to represent the public, the public must be forced to shut up. That is what they are saying. So whose side are you on? The man or the tank?