Tucker Carlson launches attack on Republican supporters of Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House

Carlson: “They’re using threats and fear to force people to support the candidate”

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Citation From the January 4, 2023, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): At this point, as of right now, facing that mathematical reality, Kevin McCarthy has two choices. He can either step aside and let somebody else do the job -- acknowledging in the process that he is not the only person in Congress capable of being speaker -- or he can try and win over the people who oppose him, as you traditionally do in elections.

Oh, you've got reservations about Kevin McCarthy? You don't want to be ruled by a man who wears a Ukrainian flag lapel pin and lives with Frank Luntz? No problem. We get it. Let us tell you how he's better than you think he is. Let us try and change your mind. Let us try to convince you.

In a normal race, that's what you would do. But that is not what Kevin McCarthy's team is doing. Instead, like the left they purport to oppose, they're using threats and fear to force people to support the candidate.