Tucker Carlson helps Glenn Beck reminisce about Obama's first term: “Back then, Tucker, you couldn't call a president racist”

Tucker Carlson: “You said it. People became completely hysterical. But I thought that was a deep insight”

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Citation From the June 9, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): When this country is at its weakest Barack Obama, the former president, seems to appear out of nowhere jetting in from Martha's Vineyard or Hawaii to make the country even weaker and even more divided. This week Obama appeared on television to tell us that anyone who complains when their children are taught in school that some races are better than others, anyone who complains about that is the bigot. What is going on here exactly?

There's a hostility at the bottom, obviously, of Barack Obama. That's interesting. Glenn Beck is one of the very few people who saw it early, from the very beginning. He's the host now of the Glenn Beck Radio Program. We're honored to have him on tonight. Glenn, thanks so much for joining us. So I thought of you --

GLENN BECK (RADIO HOST): You're welcome. You're welcome. 

CARLSON: -- earlier this week because you had a very clear picture of who Obama was underneath. You felt the hostility in him. You said it. People became completely hysterical. But I thought that was a deep insight back then. 

GLENN BECK (GUEST): Right, but back then, Tucker, you couldn't call a president racist. You know, back then that was crazy. Now that we've gone through the Trump era, I guess it's OK. Here's the thing. I apologized for saying that about two years later because it was unartful. I didn't -- I was thinking out loud. And I remember, I was on Fox and Friends and I said I think the president is a racist. No, that's not quite right. He just has a problem with the white culture. Well, then I mean, holy cow, what do you mean by white culture? I don't know, Marxists, tell me now what you mean by white culture.

I didn't -- I was not versed on critical race theory. I wasn't versed in the language of Marxist. Now, Barack Obama, I am. I take my apology back. I was exactly right. And I even stated it right. You are a racist.