Tucker Carlson guest suggests the COVID vaccine is deadlier than COVID

Navy Commander J.H. Furman: COVID “has a harm rate, or a mortality rate of .001 percent. Compare that with the VAERS harm rate where COVID vaccination harm over the last 20 months has taken almost half of the total harm's totals”

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Citation From the September 22, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

NAVY COMMANDER J. H. FURMAN (GUEST): Well, Tucker, I wrote that first paper because I have genuine concerns about the strategic impacts of the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory policy. And since writing that it turns out I have a lot of people that agree with me. They contacted me in every way possible expressing the same concern, and the same confusion over the necessity of this vaccine in what is probably the most healthy population in the entire United States. 


FURMAN: It has a harm rate, or a mortality rate of 0.001 percent. Compare that with the VAERS harm rate where COVID vaccination harm over the last 20 months has taken almost half of the total harm's totals in the VAERS database, the 20-years long VAERS database. Combine that with the unknown long-term impacts of the vaccine from this aborted fetal cell line, either derived or manufactured gene therapy vaccine. We can't know what the impacts are going to be. The strategic concerns are enormous either through the sailors, half of which the entire force do not want the vaccine, that's across the reserves and the active duty force, or can you imagine force vaccinating everyone and throwing everyone in the same experimental group and we don't know what the vaccine's going to do in the end. Everybody is gene -- vaccine trained to the same virus and the impacts are unknown.