Tucker Carlson guest says police are “forced” to arrest Black men at higher rates “by the facts of crime”

Heather Mac Donald: “Cops don't wish that reality. It's forced on them by the facts of crime”

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Citation From the March 4, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

HEATHER MAC DONALD (GUEST): Here are the facts about those crimes disparities that the Biden administration and the Black Lives Matter industrial complex don't want you to know. In New York City, Blacks commit about three quarters of all shootings even though they're 23% of the population. In Chicago, Blacks commit about 80% of all shootings though they're less than a third of the population. In Los Angeles, Blacks commit 44% of all violent crimes though they're 9% of the population. And in St. Louis, Blacks commit 90% of homicides though they're 46% of the population.

These disparities are replicated in every American city, and they mean that the police cannot go where crime is happening to protect minority victims without going disproportionately into minority neighborhoods and interacting disproportionately with Black criminals. Cops don't wish that reality. It's forced on them by the facts of crime.