Tucker Carlson gives passionate endorsement of Italian politician Giorgia Meloni

Carlson: “Ask yourself if you would vote for a candidate like this if you had the chance in our country”

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Citation From the September 26, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): American families are facing the very same onslaught from the very same poisonous ideologies. The difference is that in this country it's rarely acknowledged, except on the fringes. Meloni is not on the fringes. She's the new Prime Minister of Italy -- she will be -- and she's saying it out loud.

Contrast that to what's happening in the United States. House Republicans just spelled out what they're running on. It's a document called "The Commitment to America". It's fine, probably not much in it you disagree with it. Have you heard of it? No, you probably haven't. You probably haven't read it. Nobody really cares. Why? Because there's nothing real in it. There's not a single word in that document about the attacks on the American family that you see every day. That's at the center of most people's concerns. How are my kids? Will they have a life that resembles mine? That was called the American Dream. Does it still exist? Will they be able to afford to live the way they grew up? Will they have the opportunities that we had? No.

People are upset about that. Why wouldn't they be? But nobody says it and that's odd because we know, and now it's been proven, that when politicians are brave enough to tell the truth about what's actually happening, they tend to be rewarded for it. Once again, here is the incoming Prime Minister of Italy. As you watch this, ask yourself if you would vote for a candidate like this if you had the chance in our country.