Tucker Carlson calls for “outside observers” in California recall election “to make sure this election isn't stolen”

Carlson: “That's not the big lie. That's the big reality”

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Citation From the August 25, 2021, edition of Fox News' Primetime

TUCKER CARLSON: I would say this, if he doesn't get recalled, I mean, I hope that there are election observers out there. California is a lot more corrupt than we give it credit for being. We have this image of California as a clean state politically. But that's from the 70s, California now is completely corrupt, is run by the teachers unions, the prison guard unions, I mean, it is a complete inside game. It's Tammany Hall with palm trees.

And you really need outside observers to make sure this election isn't stolen. That's not the big lie. That's the big reality and I hope that they get them.