Tucker Carlson biographer: Tucker Carlson loyalists at Fox News are complaining to me about how the network is run

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Citation From the August 1, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): You say that people come to you all the time that work there, not just the producers and people that used to be there, but people on other shows, is there generally some corpus of people there that believe in this kind of populous, anti-establishment, anti-elite message of Tucker and his content and quite frankly his narrative? 

Although the hosts and these other guys, and by the way, some of the hosts are great people, don't get me wrong, they're under tremendous economic pressure. When the Murdochs tell you it's going to be this way, it's going to be this way and if you don't comply, you're gone. Do you get a sense that there are folks inside particularly on the content creation side that truly support Tucker?    

CHADWICK MOORE (GUEST): Yeah, I think inside Fox people who work there, not just hosts, but everyone, behind the scenes talent, producers, bookers, runs the ideological gamut. They've definitely got a ton of liberals at Fox, tons of liberals, and you have more corporate Republicans, you have a lot of these people who are more populous, they're more inline with Trump's thinking, with Tucker's thinking, and, I mean, they're certainly everywhere. 

Tucker was beloved at Fox. Not just by people on his show, but people who had never even met the guy or just had a chance encounter with him at Fox News headquarters in Manhattan. So, everyone really, really liked him and there are certainly people there ideologically who agreed with him. And, you know, I get messages from there people there who don't want to lose their jobs but they are contacting me because they are so frustrated and upset about how Fox is behaving and a lot of people probably, certainly want out but of course there are economic constraints and what not.