Tucker Carlson argues against the removal of Vladimir Putin from office, warns it would be “counterproductive to our interests”

Carlson: “How has that worked with Iran and North Korea?”

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Citation From the March 2, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): We did notice one question that Joe Biden failed to answer, lest even address, and that is, what's the point of all of this? 

Putin is bad. No one in America is going to argue with that. But will destroying the entire Russian economy make Putin less bad? Will it force Russian troops to withdraw from Ukraine? And if it will, how exactly will that work and how long will it take?

Or is the plan bigger than that? Is the idea that we can force Vladimir Putin from office entirely? Okay. Will that work? And if it does work, what happens to Russia after Vladimir Putin leaves? Would the next Russian president be an improvement over Putin? Or would Russia descend into barbarous chaos like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan did once we overthrew their governments?

Now, you may not care what happens to Russia, but have you to wonder, what would become of Russia's enormous nuclear stockpile under those circumstances? Take a moment and think. Are there potentially ways that thousands of unsecured Russian nukes might pose a long-term threat to the United States? Something to think about, not that anyone is.

The immediate goal, again, the bipartisan goal, is to turn Russia into a pariah state. Now, again, the question isn't whether Vladimir Putin deserves that, it's more than a moral question. The question is, how will that work out for us and for the world? American citizens have a right to ask that question. 

Start with history. How has that worked with Iran and North Korea? Now that those countries are cut off from the fraternity of civilized nations, are they more or less predictable? Are they more or less dangerous to the United States? Could it be possible that some of these steps in the end turn out to be counterproductive to our interests? That's something to consider.

Keep in mind, the people, the very people who are proposing all of this, are the very same people who defunded our police departments and destroyed our schools and tore down the Teddy Roosevelt statue in New York City. They're the ones who armed the Taliban. They're the ones who devalued the U.S. dollar. They're the ones who brought human slavery back to Libya. They're very good at wrecking things. It's what they do. They planned the Iraq War and they never apologized for it. So we might want to make sure they don't wreck anything else ever again, especially this country.