Tucker Carlson and “Vice President of Tucker Carlson Digital Projects” Justin Wells brag about support from Fox

Justin Wells: “They believe in what we're doing, and they have since we launched Tucker Carlson Tonight”

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Citation From the April 23, 2021 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I hate talking about our employer, the channel, the network, the company, because it does seem a little bit self-involved, but I do think it's important that Fox as a company is backing something like this right now as other channels are basically --  have been neutered by politics.
JUSTIN WELLS (FOX SENIOR EXECUTIVE PRODUCER): We're on the Fox studio lot. I mean, like, you know -- they're putting a lot behind this project because they believe in it, and they believe in what we're doing, and they have since we launched Tucker Carlson Tonight four years ago.
WELLS: And they're showing that now, and giving us the resources and the money and the team to go out and tell stories that Americans actually are talking about, and they care about, and nobody else is. And like, you know, it's not really a very difficult business model for a company like Fox, to just say like, people actually want to hear about what's happening in their communities. That's the basic essence of, like, covering news, but nobody's doing that anymore, so, like, okay, we send a camera, we send a reporter, we send, like, real journalists that other networks -- they're not doing that. They have, you know, shows with Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, or whatever, like, you know, "Oh, I'm a journalist," but like, no, we're actually sending people in to cover stories that we know our audience cares about and want to hear more about.