Tucker Carlson accuses Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of “blood libel” towards white people

Carlson: “What she’s doing here, every day, is leveling a racial attack, a blood libel, against an entire group of Americans”

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Citation From the January 17, 2023, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Sheila Jackson Lee doesn't want to protect a country she despises from national security threats. Why would she want to do that? No, that's not the point. What she's doing here, every day, is leveling a racial attack, a blood libel against an entire group of Americans while simultaneously pretending to be the victim of attacks from that same group. Stop hitting me, she howls, as she punches you in the face.

It's such a common tactic at this point, used constantly by Al Sharpton, by the ADL, by so many others, that you may not even notice it anymore. But it's still disgusting, it's still immoral, it's still divisive. Here's Joe Biden doing it. 


Speaking of blood libel -- because that's what it is -- protesting the 2020 election results is the same as slavery, as the KKK, it's the same as murdering Martin Luther King. It's all white supremacy, declares Joe Biden, without defining the term.